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CRA Consultancy Group is a strategic consulting firm focusing on business consulting for the public sector. We specialize in diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting as well as executive coaching. We are small business advocates. We are available for contracting and subcontracting for federal and state agencies in California, as well as county, city, and municipal districts. You can find us listed on California eProcure.

Our Expertise

Project & program management

Business consulting & development

Cross-functional collaboration

Strength-based employee training

Team/leadership facilitation

Social listening insights

Small business support

DEIB program Implementation and facilitation

Small business advocacy

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CA SB #2017576

WMBE 20001055

DUNS 117587434


541611 Business Consult 

541618 Other Consulting

541613 Marketing Consult

611430 Management Dev

561110 Admin Services


80100000  Management advising

80101500  Business consulting

80101508  Business intelligence

80101510  Risk management 

80101600  Project management

80141600  Sales activities

80141609  Sponsorship 

80161500  Management support 

80171700  Reputation management

80171800  Media relations services

80171900  Stakeholder management 

80172000  Professional communication 

80172100  Crisis management

Essential Resources for California SB | DVBE | DBE | WMBE | MBE

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