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Why CRA Consultancy Group?

We are a strategic consulting firm focusing on connecting our clients with public sector contracts and meeting and exceeding their growth goals. We cover with federal, state, local agencies, and reciprocal partners. And we create powerful prime and subcontractor teams for ultimate success.

We are mindful small business advocates, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We provide both DEI and executive coaching and consulting. The CRA team helps organizations capitalize on organic, strength-based, high-performance human connectedness. We bring proven methodologies to otherwise rigid team dynamics.

About the CRA Team

We are Debra Roak, the CEO of this Woman- and Minority-Owned firm, and team. We have been advocates for inclusivity and diversity in business for decades. Throughout our careers, we have been creating high-performing teams and consequent growth opportunities for our clients. 

We have helped hundreds of local and national businesses with out-of-the-box strategies and resources. One of our superpowers is that we are super connectors and have put the puzzle pieces together for stakeholders to develop millions in revenue. 

We are joined by a highly experienced and future-forward-thinking team of business developers, executive coaches, individual and team strengths coaches, and cross-functional collaboration experts. They have experience in the public sector and the corporate world. They have helped small business owners and Fortune 500 executives navigate professional and personal growth and business development successes.



CRA clients


Bay Area Rapid Transit

HSR California


High Speed Rail Advisory Council

CRA clients


California Department of General Services

“Diversity drives innovation – when we limit who can contribute, we in turn limit what problems we can solve.”

 Telle Whitney

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